Cast Alloys

Cast Alloys

Metenere Ltd. makes a wide range of Aluminium Alloys like ADC12, AC4B, AS-9, LM- 6, and LM-24 etc for gravity and pressure die casting applications meeting AA, BS, LM, DIN, JIS and other standards. Our cast alloys are used in making critical automotive components like cylinder heads, manifolds, Pump housings and casting, Engine mounting brackets, alternator castings applications etc for leading domestic and International automotive OEMS ,Tier 1 & Tier 2 automotive component manufacturers. Aluminium Ingot for electrical, utensil, consumer durables & various others industries.

Metenere Ltd. specializes in making customized alloys to exactly suit individual customer requirements. Specifications of every alloy used by every customer are maintained in a comprehensive database to ensure that customer requirements are always fulfilled.

Aluminium scrap and Virgin Ingots are the major raw materials for manufacturing of Alloy Ingots. Metenere Ltd. offer an edge over other producers by paying careful attention to its scrap handling management. This along with efficient manufacturing practices, use of state-of-the-art equipments with uncompromising quality assurance for instant and accurate chemical analysis and close attention to ingot cleanliness ensures total quality control right till the ingots are packed and delivered.


Other features of our production system are as under-

  • Separate Holding and Melting Furnace to reduce contamination and inclusion.
  • Permanent Magnetic Stirrer to Ensure Homogeneous Melt.
  • Auto Casting and Auto Stacking System to ensure uniformity in ingot & a well balanced stack.
  • PMT Based Spectrometer to Have Accurate Chemical Composition Analysis.


Quality Assurance

Metenere Ltd. follows strict Quality Standards in all areas of operation right from the selection of raw material to ultimate dispatch to its valued customers. The facility is well equipped with the most advanced analysing instrument like CPMT base Spectrometer and Universal Testing Machine for mechanical testing.

Chemical composition is checked at every stage. Samples are taken for testing from the furnace and subsequently during casting process (testing process is repeated thrice for each casting). Ingot samples are also checked 3 times at every stage to ensure the uniformity in chemical composition to ensure best quality product.

Metenere Ltd. maintains high quality of standards for its product and service. The quality assurance systems followed in production of alloys are as follows:-

Lab Equipments

    • Porosity Testing Machine
    • Rectangular Muffle Furnace
    • CPMT Base Optical Emission Spectrometer
    • Universal Testing Machine
    • Microscope with Image & Analyzer

Quality Certification

    • We are an ISO: 9001-2008 certified company

Inprocess Quality Inspection System

    • Automatic Temperature Control
    • Degassing & Fluxing
    • Chemical Composition Check
    • Fracture Test
    • Double stage Filter During Casting
    • Permanent magnetic Stirrer for Mixing

Logistics and Warehouse

Metenere Ltd. has its  own Logistics and Warehouse to meet timely delivery schedule of goods at customer end.

Location of the Metenere Ltd. warehouses are Pune (Maharashtra), Gurgaon (Haryana), Noida (U.P.), Bengaluru (Karnataka), Tirupati (A.P.) and Delhi.

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