Dadri (U.P)

The Dadri unit is our first production facility, which produces Pure Lead, Lead Alloys, Lead Oxide, and Litharge. All these are produced with upgraded technology.

Key Highlights

  • Biggest Smelter of lead using latest technology capacity 5000 mts of finish lead/month.
  • Manufacturing of lead & lead alloys with impurity up to 1 ppm.
  • Manufacturing of lead calcium, lead cadmium, antimony alloy & Oxides.
  • Automatic crushing of scrap batteries.
  • Purging of oxygen in smelters.
  • Continuous production of lead from rotary kiln furnace.
  • Continuous casting from casting M/c.
  • Biggest exporter in India for lead & lead alloys.

Manufacturing Capacity

  • 60000
    MT/Year of Lead Alloys Refining
  • 60000
    MT/Year of Lead Alloys Smelting