Metenere Ltd. has been a leading producer of tin and wide range of various tin alloys and solders in India. The products (tin-lead solder and lead-free solder, tin alloys, tin powders etc.) are consumed domestically and exported to various countries for manufacturing of tinplate for food , drink cans and other various types of container. Metenere Ltd. also manufactures solder for the electronics and hardware industries.

Its plant is located in Kathua, in Jammu & Kashmir where Metenere Ltd. enjoys a tax-free working environment, which adds to its competitive advantage. The plant has got the added advantage due to its close proximity from the National Highway and from the Railways Terminal.

The smelting and refinery plant , is equipped with high end technology and latest processes. Currently the plant operates rotary furnaces with capacity of 2.5 MT to 3.5 MT. The company’s efficient operation combined with advanced technology and experienced manpower ensures the production of 6000 TPA coupled with high quality tin and dependable service. Metenere Ltd. has been able to establish a firm market worldwide as metal ingot suppliers through high quality and competitive prices together with technologically advanced laboratory equipments, Metenere Ltd. has been able to consistently produced tin metal ingot with minimum Sn content of 99.9% which is further Refined and transformed into Pure Tin with a minimum purity level of 99.97% by weight that mostly achieves purity level of 99.985%.