Metenere is leading producer of Pure Lead, Lead Alloys and Oxides,having technological advanced plants at multiple locations in India. We produce these materials by Recycling of Battery Scrap/Lead Concentrate/ Re-melted Lead Ingots/Lead Scrap Radio.

Metenere is committed to achieving total customer satisfaction through the supply of quality products and services on time, as per mutually agreed specifications and terms.

Our Product Range

  • Lead Metal

    • Pure Lead 99.99%
    • Refined Lead 99.97%
    • Lead Antimonial Alloys
    • Lead Calcium Alloys
    • Lead Selenium Alloys
    • Lead Tin Alloys
    • Lead Alloy –E
  • Lead Oxides in Powder

    • Lead Sub Oxide – Grey Oxides
    • Red Lead -Lead Tetra Oxide
    • Litharge -Lead Yellow Oxide

We have both smelting and refining capacity backed by fully automatic and CPCB certified battery breaking plant. All our plants are equipped with fully automatic ingot casting machines to offer uniform ingots.

We have kettle pots of various capacities ranging from 20-100 MT per batch accompanied by high efficiency furnace oil burner equipped with preheating arrangements. Our alloying process is controlled by means of Optical Emission Spectrometer. Subsequently the findings are confirmed through alternative
analytical methods such as wet analysis and Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.

All leading battery manufacturers in India, large OEM’s in across the globe are our valuable customers.

We offer, 25 Kg ingot packed in fork liftable bundle of 42 ingots weighing about 1MT with two steel straps on each side of bundle. We also offer 50 kg ingots & Jumbo block (950-1000 kg) as per customer specific requirements.

Principal Uses

Lead ingots of high purity which can be used in the following applications:
All types of Batteries – Cable shielding – Anodes for electrolysis – Crystal
glassware – Paints – Radiation protection – Ceramics – Ammunition

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