Value System


Value System at Metenere


  • Metenere Limited always observes fair business practice
  • We are ethical to our internal stake-holders as well as external stake-holders
  • Our integrity, transparency and ethical practices help us in commanding respect and in long term gains for all the stakeholders – employees, investors and partners


  • Since we take from environment, sustaining and giving back to nature is our responsibility
  • Reducing waste, recycling resources not just in our product production, but w.r.t to paper usage and other items, we strongly believe in sustainability through re-cycling


  • Improvement is a never ending process at Metenere Limited and striving for excellence is not just a motto but a habit being practiced everyday in all of our activities

Respect for relations

  • Metenere Limited aims to form long lasting symbiotic relationship with every stakeholder
  • We always respect long term relations over short term gains
  • We prioritize people before profits


  • We look up to the sky to touch the next star, but our feet are always on ground
  • We truly believe in a team rather than individual
  • Our growth is a reflection of a combined growth and we shall always grow together with our fellow team members and partners

Brand Promise

  • For Customer

    For Customers
    Exceeding customer satisfaction by fulfilling the commitment & going an extra mile

  • For Employees

    For Employees
    Freedom, Growth with continuous development along with skill enhancement for all team members

  • For Partners

    For Partners
    Mutual growth through reliability & development